punster1 (punster1) wrote,

Voice Post

216K 1:10
“Hello LJ. Hello to my LJ friends and hello to anyone who maybe dropping in on my blog who is not yet an LJ friend. Either by at pampster(?) 1 just popping in to wish everybody a very Happy Easter. Hallelujah He is risen, thanks be to God. It's a great day and hope you all enjoying the day with your family and friends or what it have you and then also hopefully you get some nice eggs. I like to, I like those chocolate browny(?) eggs in mycel(?). Both are very good or the chocolate peanut butter one I like those and it's cool to heard boiled ones are good too. But anyway hope you all have a great Easter. I will write more in my blog sometime this week for sure. Just want to update you on things that had been going on. Trying to get back in a better writing schedule so we shall see what happens. Alright well take care everybody, enjoy and we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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