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Just saying hi!

Hello LJ Friends,

Again, it has been so long tsince I did an actual post, I said to myself, "No bed until this gets done!" So, here I am!

I think right now, I am reflecting on how my LJ Friends use LJ. Forsome of you, and you know who you are, LJ is your outlet. For you, it's only natural to write down all the latest goings on in your life, and sharing your feelings, running from joy to depression. On the other hand, there are my other LJ Friends who are like me. We blog once in a while, but aren't necessarily glued to LJ. Or to put it more precisely, we don't think of LJ as our outlet to discuss our lives on a regular basis. I'm not saying that there is anything good or bad in either approach, but this is my thoughts.

As for me, I want or need to find a middle ground. I can't see myself writing in this thing daily, but on the other hand, it is pointless to have a blog if I don't keep it up more regularly than I have been.

So, if anyone has thoughts on this, don't be afraid to respond. I'm curious to see what you have to say. Mainly, are you using LJ as little or as much as you thought you would when you got started, or are you like me and do you think you need to change your LJ habits in one way or another? Hmmmm!
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