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Another long overdue update!

Posted on 2008.11.18 at 20:16
Current Location: The desk.
Hello LJ! Remember me? It's been way too long since I've posted, so I thought why not?

Well, the weather here has turned cold and even ssnowy! It's winter in Wisconsin! I experienced it last night when I attended the Zilber Hospice Thanksgiving Potluck. Some people didn't even make it there, due to the icy roads. I was worried about my van transportation, but I lucked out. But, they had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with just about anything you could want. And that was before the dessert table! Yum yum! I even won a door prize which was a Department 56 Christmas Village. So, it was a good night all the way around.

On Sunday, voyagerjc and I attended the Badger Association's Packer party. What a game! I don't think the Bears knew they were playing football! Hehaha! Plus, the great dinner from Pizza Hut was yummy yummy!

But, my biggest news came today. Thanks to connections from friends of my parents, I was able to meet with the Chief Executive Officer of Saint Camillus which is a senior living complex in Milwaukee. They offer everything from a nursing home to independent living. When this man heard about me, he wanted to meet me to see if there could be a chance that I could be employed there. He also is in touch with other CEOs who might be interested in looking at my resume. Well, I met this person today, and I really like him. He said that they are looking at starting up a hospice program possibly in January. He said that he could see me in the role of Volunteer Coordinator, or Bereavement Coordinator, based on my qualifications. So, I could be looking at a fulltime job next year! Who knows? But, you've got to keep hope alive no matter what!

Well, that's all the news I have for now. Catch you later!


ckrassman at 2008-11-20 23:17 (UTC) (Link)
First of all, I was glad to get your phone message today. The hospice Thanksgiving dinner sounds like it was quite a feast. How lucky that you won the Christmas village door prize! Glad your van got you there safely and you got back home safe. I'm glad you and Voyager got to the Badger Packer Party to watch the Packers kick some "Bear butts!"

I really hope things turn out for you with St. Camillus. That would be so awsome if you were offered a job there. I think that would be a great opportunity for you if you could be part of the new hospice program there as a Volunteer Coordinator or Bereavement Coordinator. I would think that you would have a great chance at it since you have had the experience of volunteering for Zilber.

Good to see you posting again!

Carrie (ckrassman)

jpetzold at 2008-11-21 00:51 (UTC) (Link)
Punster, Hope all will go well with Job opportunity with San Camillus. Glad you enjoyed the Hospice Dinner and what a neat prize. Glad to hear that you and the voyager enjoyed that Packers Bears Game Last Sunday. Go Pack!
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