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Voice Post

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“Hello everybody, it is I, Punster(?) One. Thought I would come out in here and just let you hear what I sound like with a cold. You could hear my very base like voice. I've had this since Monday and it's now Friday. It started Monday to Tuesday, it just kinda got a little weird and yes just been hanging on all week so it's been not too much fun. I I feel a lot better than I sound. I got plans this weekend and then I gotta change except I don't think I'm gonna be signing in church on Sunday cos I drink so I think that's probably the only thing that's gonna change. Slow congested, taking the cold medicines trying to sleep when I can and all that good stuff but I just wanted let people know how I sound in case you're wondering how does Punster(?) One sound with his cold. Well now you know but other than that have a good weekend everybody. Enjoy and stay warm, especially the cold snap coming here in the Mid West. Packers, they're gonna freeze on Sunday night, let's hope they win though so go Pack will talk to you later, bye bye.”

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Voice Post: Ringing in the New Year

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“In this particular voice post, 3kitties and kl1964 ring in the New Year together, and kl1964 does an awesome impression of the Live Journal voice post menu lady! You ought to go check it out! And well, 3kitties is awaiting the fireworks start of the Midnight Parade and meanwhie, she and Kevin just blab and blab and blab until the stupid voice post thingy cuts them off!”

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Almost Happy New Year!

Hello LJ,

Well, here it is, New Year's Eve, 2007! In less than 24 hours, we ring in 2008! I don't know where the year went, but I will be glad to see it go. This year brought about a lot of unexpected changes, mostly with deaths of family and friends. Among the most notables were Dusty the Cab Driver and my cousin Tabatha, whose murder, along with her boyfriend, will soon be going to trial. I also watched as my best guy friend and his wife sadly split up. I also had to say goodbye to my favorite choir director at church, but we're still stuck with a contrivercial pastor. Finally, I attempted to get back in the work world in February with the help of employment specialists from Goodwill Industries, but that chapter is ongoing. And, with that problem continually going on as a partial reason, ckrassman and I have decided that 2009 is our target year to get married. We had always talked of July 12th of 2008, but because of both our job situations, it just has to wait a little longer.

Probably, one of the brightest spots was joining LJ and meeting new people. I'm still trying to figure out this blogging thing, but it sure is cool having my own web page.

A separate bright spot was the arrival of my niece, Sofia, in September. Now, I have one niece, and her brother Jacob, and their cousin, Daniel as nephews.

all inall, I am anxiously awaiting the new year, with hope for a much better one than 2007. I wish all my LJ friends a happy and healthy New Year.
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Voice Post: Catchup, Part 3!

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“The finally! Punster1 mentions that he got a lot of wonderful things and how yes, all of these sweets will make his weight go up, but tiz the season I guess. He had a lovely time eating lunch and dinner at ckrassman's, but ended things at around 5, cause Carrie wasn't feeling all that well. So he went home and took a nap and took it easy for the rest of the evening. Then yesterday, he just hung out and didn't do too much. He also got a really nice jacket, but the zipper is reversed from how he's use to it, so looks like he may have to see if he actually gets use to something new, which he hopes to do so, cause he really likes this coat very much! And well he figures he's been talking everybody's ear off quite enough for one night, so he wishes tazcat a happy Birthday, decides he'll go to bed, and ends the voice post.”

Transcribed by: celrock
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Voice Post: Catchup, Part 2!

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“A continuation of his previous voice post, punster1 tells us that he got the stereo from his parents, and he was actually going to just go and get the other one fixed, cause all that's wrong with it is that one of the play buttons on the tape deck doesn't work anymore, but all in all, he absolutely loves this gift! It's got a CD player, 2 tape decks, and it even has a turn table on it which he thought was nice too! And he got a whole bunchof other stuff too. Some CD's, some DVD's, some shirts and gloves from ckrassman's family, and he's even drowning in sweets at the moment, as he got lots of cookies, and one of the people where he works gave him a huge thing of chocolate! So yes folks, this is definitely a sweet Christmas lol! And then, I'll be surprised if at the bottom of this, it doesn't say that it's been transcribed by the green eyed monster, because punster1 also got 2 tickets to go see The Lion King musical with ckrassman or something come February of this year! Ooooooh, sounds awesome, wanna get a 3rd. ticket and take me too? Oh yes, and he also got to have a lovely brunch at Carrie's house on Christmas Day and got to meet some more of the people in Carrie's family, including some folks on her father's side who he had never met before. And in the middle of rambling, once again, he gets cut off!”

Transcribed by: celrock
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Voice Post: Catchup, Part 1!

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“In this particular voice post, punster1 starts catching us all up with the happenings in his life. Lets see here, on 12/15/07, he along with ckrassman and tazcat went to the ACBW meeting and Christmas party and they saw their friend, Jim there which punster1 thought was nice, seeing that he hadn't seen him since March. Then, lets see here, if I remember correctly, he won a gift certificate to some grocery store in his area when playing a coins game and he helped his mom pick out her very first artificial Christmas tree at Sears. Then, on Monday, he went out into the cold and attended the Tree of Angels Festival and then, on Thursday, he had his usual work at the nursing home. He also had an interesting experience at Good Will after his job inteview where his coat got into some icing, giving the coat a taste of the icing on this cake that Steve turned down for a brownie, so yeah, interesting and amusing at that!

Then, his weekend was mostly spent decorating for Christmas and on Sunday evening, he had a long and quite enjoyable telephone conversation with ckrassman and yours truly, celrock. Finally, he had the Christmas party at his house where they all, Steve's family included, ate some yummy cookies and goodies, and I think this is where they had turkey and all of the trimmings and pumpkin pie for dessert, or was that the Mmmm delicious lunch they had at he ACBW meeting a few weeks ago? Man oh man, there's so much to keep straight in this voice post lol! But yeah, there was also a lot of gift unwrapping at this Chritmas party too and boy did punster1 get some really awesome gifts! One of them was a new stereo, completely unexpected and totally needed on his end, as well, just as he's about to go on to talk about that, he gets cut off!”

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Voice Post

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“Hello all, this is a very quick voice post for two reasons just ___ no. 1 I'm very late and need to get back quick because tomorrow is another day and I wanna see how this, also wants to see how this thing transcribes if I keep it short enough but this is also just to say Merry Christmas to all my LJ friends and anyone else listening and, and I hope everyone has a great day, enjoys themselves and gets what they want and remembers the season and Merry Christmas to all. I will be back probably tomorrow the 26th and fill you all in on how Christmas went for me but anyway wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a great day and we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.”

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Tis the season for Birthday's, Holiday's and Busy Days!

Hello LJ,

Yes, I am finally back with another entry! It's been a while, so I really need to catch everyone up.

But, first things first. I would like to give a shout out to the Birthday Girl celrock. I hope you have a Happy Birthday today, and that all your wishes come true!

As for my birthday, and yes, it's been that long since I've posted being before December 1st, for the second year in a row, it snowed on my birthday. Last year was a blizzard, but this year, it wasn't as bad, but still stormy. For starters that day, my family, ckrassman and I went out to eat at Ponderosa. Gotta love that buffet. After that, we saw a movie called, "August Rush." It was about an orphan who becomes a musical prodigy. He ends up using his gift to find his birth parents. While it was a good movie, the plot was a little too predictable. But, if you want something fun to see, I would reccommend it. However, after the movie was over, we had a slow go home, as the snow had already started coming down. I for one was glad to get inside, once I finally made it home.

The next day, I attended the Wisconsin BOLD's Christmas Party. They gave us a delicious chicken dinner and lots of yummy desserts! We also played bingo and sang Christmas Carols. It was a fun afternoon.

After that weekend, on Monday night, I went with my Mom to a Generations of Faith meeting at St. Margaret Mary Parish. If I hadn't spoke of this earlier, we meet once a month for a meal, prayer and discussion about our faith. However, what is neat about this is that it is done for all age groups. There are some break up into small group times, but overall, small children to senior citizens all can benefit from the experience. This time, we talked about Advent, and I and a couple others were asked to lead the singing. Plus, everyone was given materials to make an Advent Wreath for the home.The only thing that wasn't positive about this meeting was the nasty bowl of stew they served! I usually go for seconds on things, but this time, I could barely get down the food in front of me. So, I mostly filled up on bread and dessert.

On Tuesday, I met with my employment specialist at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin. Although we are still waiting for this company to come through and officially hire me, she is helping me track down other leads as well. And, that afternoon, I was suppose to go to the hospice for a meeting, but due to some more bad weather, that didn't happen.

I did however go their on Wednesday and Thursday. While Thursday was my usual day of visiting, Wednesday was a volunteer and staff meeting. In this meeting, they had a Catholic Priest, a Lutheran Minister and a Methodist Minister all talk about dying from the viewpoint of their experiences. However, we found that we really don't have any major differences in this regard. After the meeting, we were treated to a tocco lunch. It was quite tasty.

Thursday night was disappointing as I was all set to go to The Badger Association for a product demonstration to look at possible new items for their Outlook Shoppe, which is where you can find all the latest adaptive technology type gadgets. However, my cab never came to pick me up, so I ended up missing the event. I was not in a good mood that night, and I almost posted to my blog, but posted to the Wisconsin ACB Listsurv instead.

Last Friday was quiet as my parents and I were planning to attend our church's fish fry before going to mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. However, when we got to the fish fry, we found that they were only doing carry outs at that time, and they wouldn't be serving until a half hour later. Now, you would think that with the mass going on, they would have coordinated things a little better. So, we ended up going to a nearby restaurant, Mykonos. I had a fish fry with mac and chese, with chesecake for dessert. It was awesome! And yes, we made it in the nick of time for church.

On Saturday, ckrassman, jpetzold and I went to a Christmas Party with the Share Group that Jannis is involved with. Although there were only six of us there, at this guy Luke's house, we had a fun time ordering Pizza Hut and having a gift exchange. I got Jannis's gift which was some hot chocolate with some glasses. I gave this girl, Jenn, a Target gift card. The other person there was a guy named Garry.

Sunday was a quiet day where we went to church, and later watched the Packers win another one as they earned a playoff spot! Go Pack!

Monday, ckrassman and my family all came over to officially celebrate my birthday. My Mom made a shrimp dinner which was delicious. She bought a chocolate cake from Sam's Club, and a mint cake that she made herself. Everything was yummy! I also got a lot of nice gifts like clothes, CDs and gift cards. Carrie got me a sweater and our favorite chese popcorn from Quality Candy Buddy Squirrel. This is chese popcorn that is loaded with greece. It's totally bad for you, but something you've gotta have once a year. It is made by a local company which is a merger of Quality Candy and Buddy Squirrel, in which Quality Candy is obviously for candy and Buddy Squirrel is for nuts and popcorn. So, they sell their candy and nuts in stores in local malls. Carrie and I took a tour through there once, and I'll bet you'll never guess what we picked up in their gift shop!

Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet days, with Tuesday being because of an ice storm. I was suppose to go to two Christmas Parties that day, but they were both canceled due to the bad weather.

Yesterday morning, I woke up after only a few hours of sleep, as I didn't sleep well the night before. So, because I was feeling so rotten, I didn't do my usual hospice volunteering. So, instead, I slept til 12:30. Thankfully, I was well enough to make last night's choir practice.

Today, I went to yet another meeting with my employment specialist. I'm just keeping all my options open, while I wait for that one company to get back to me.

And finally, tomorrow, I am really looking forward to our American Council of the Blind of Wisconsin's annual Christmas Party in Appleton. Carrie and I are especially looking forward to seeing Jim, voyagerjc again. We haven't seen each other since February, as he moved to Chicago. So, it will be awesome to see him again.

Well, now that I've written a book, I think it best that I close. So, have a great weekend, and I'll type to you later on.
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Like I need LJ to remind me!

Hello LJ and LJ Friends,

I'm just popping in to share that last night, I got an automatic email reminding me that on Saturday, it is Punster1's birthday! Now, I know that in the world of LJ, for whatever reason, I'm my own friend, but you would think LJ would be smart enough not to remind me of my own birthday! I know my other friends got this, but come on! So, thank you LJ for the reminder! I almost forgot!!!!!!!!! Lololololol!!!!!!!!!!!
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Another update.

Hello Lj and LJ Friends,
Yes, I'm back with another update, as I'm sure you are all curious as to what has
been going on.
Last Thursday, I had a really nice Thanksgiving. There is a certain Voice Post on
ckrassman's page, in which we were having a good time at my place. The
eating started at my house with tons of hors-d'-vores'. Along with the more traditional fair of cheese and crackers, pizza rolls,
hotdogs and cheese wrapped in dough, and open face sausage and melted cheese sandwiches
to name just a few. we also enjoyed some that may make an outsider raise some eyebrows.
We ate open faced raw beef and onion sandwiches, haring on crackers and liver paste
on crackers as well as fried chicken livers wrapped in bacon. Trust me, it's all
good! My Mom also made a pumpkin spice cake which was really good. We also watched a Packers win! This season is really exciting! Later, it was
off to Carrie's parents for the turkey dinner with stuffing, squash, sweet potatoes,
mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, jello fluff, rolls and apple and pumpkin pies for dessert!
Needless to say, we were quite full!
Friday, I went bowling with ckrassman and jpetzold. I hadn't
bowled in quite sometime, so it was good to get my ball and shoes out again. I use
to belong to a blind bowling league called the Milwaukee Beer Barrels. But, I gave
up when it got more expensive, and transportation on Friday nights in the winter
was sometimes unreliable. So, we went open bowling, and had a good time. I'm not
the best bowler, with scores, usually, like Friday, in the 30's. But, my highest game I ever did
was an 83. I am still longing for that triple digit score. Both Carrie and Janis
did really well, and Carrie hit that triple mark with a 109 in the second game.
Way to go! Afterwards, we went out for some Mexican Food at a fast food type place
called Quidova Mexican Grill. (I'm not sure of the spelling.) I had steak
nachos which were awesome. After that, we stopped at Star
for some coffee and dessert. I had some kind of hot chocolate coffee drink
with an Andy's Candy's Brownie. Okay, now I want to go back and get another one!
Saturday I pretty much laid low at home.
On Sunday, my parents and I went to Holy Hill
for church. This is both a well-known Catholic Basilica about 20 minutes away from
Milwaukee, as well as a Wisconsin Landmark. It is really popular in fall, when people
will simply come to walk around, get in touch with God and nature and enjoy the fall colors.
Check out their site if you want to learn more. Afterwards, my parents and I went
to a restaurant called "The Fox and Hounds" for brunch. And yes, they had a lot
of food. They had lots of different salads, breakfast items like French Toast, eggs
and bacon and sausage. They had lots of lunch items like three different meats,
potatoes and more. And, I must have had Seven different desserts! There were brownies,
cheese cakes, cookies and other pastries. Too much eating, but good! By the way, their women’s rest room is the “Foxes” and the men’s is the “Hounds!”

Yesterday, Julie, who is a friend of the family, came over, as she is helping my
parents clean. She does this as a hobby, which I find interesting! It's not every
day you find someone who actually enjoys cleaning! But, while she was over, my Mom
was away helping Christine, so my Dad and I got more take out. There is this fast
food place by us called Lucky's. They were recently sold, so we've been enjoying
their new menu. I had a gyro patty melt, which has Greek gyro meat instead of hamburger meat. It was very good.

I also got some more sad news, as I learned that yet another
friend from my St. Vincent de Paul Group “passed on” over a week ago. I use this term
deliberately, as that is what he liked to say. He didn't like the terms “die” or “pass away”,
as passing on really defined his faith in the after life. And, it is definitely
a point well taken. Art lived over 90 years, so although he had a full life, he
will really be missed. He was a big help to us as a guide, and he is now reunited with his wife who was blind. Just writing this paragraph out has changed my mood considerably. And, on that sad note, I will close for now. Take care, and I'll talk to you all
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